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One of the things we’ve noticed is that when we want to relive our wedding day, we pull out our printed wedding album and we pull it out before we even consider looking at our digital files. I think we’ve looked at our digital images less than 10 times in the last 5 years.  Quality print simply outclasses digital when it comes to images.

We have also learned that technology changes… quickly. For example, Apple has stopped offering computers with CD/DVD drives completely.  So ultimately every person will have to go back and constantly transfer their images over to the latest piece of technology.  Compare that to your parent’s old school Pakistani or Indian wedding album.  It’s still your parent’s Pakistani or Indian wedding photo album… it’s not a floppy disk from 25 years ago that requires you to pull out the old Gateway computer from the attic.

We haven’t yet mentioned the difference between holding a physical, tangible item and the debate on albums versus digital files is already heavily in favor of the photo album.  Now put that together with the fact that we exclusively use the premier wedding photo album company and it’s a done deal.

We offer stunning custom made and hand-crafted wedding albums.  They are leatherbound albums measuring 10″x10″. We also offer parent albums.  Our parent albums are 10″x10″ copies of your 10”x10” with some minor differences.

We’ve made the process for creating your wedding photo album with us is easy and simple.  It’s easy to fall into the analysis by paralysis when attempting to choose options for your album so we’ve gone ahead and made the choices so you don’t have to worry about it.  It is important to us that your album is something that looks beautiful and timeless thirty years from now so each of the choices made reflects that goal.  We chose to work with  flush mount albums as they are hand bound and have beautiful construction.  We then started with a black genuine leather cover that is embossed with both you and your spouse’s names. Next, we went with thick, high-quality paper that lays flat so that the images really pop and also don’t get bent.  

You choose 80-90 of your favorite unwatermarked images in your online gallery.  We will then send it over to Queensberry’s wedding album design team and they will create a design custom made for your wedding.  You’ll be able to then view and proof the album through their own album-proofing page and request any changes you like.  Once you approve the design of your wedding album, production will begin. Below you can see an example of one of our albums.  Annie and Zeeshawn had a three-day Pakistani wedding in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia area (DMV).  You can see the exceptional quality of work and beautiful attention to detail not to mention our photography :-). Check out the quality of the album all built by hand. The images below show how our beautiful albums look but be sure to schedule a in-person consultation to see how they feel in person.

A photo collage of a leather bound wedding album.

A flushmount wedding photo album showing an Indian bride and Groom.

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