Fun, Natural
& Timeless


Fun, Natural, Timeless


Below you will read about my 3 part experience centered vision when creating wedding photography.




It all starts with fun.


I was someone who focused too much on having everything be perfect on his wedding day and ended up with photos where I look like I had more chutney than I could handle. Being attached to everything on your wedding day going perfect will likely leave you with a day where your stressed and you’ll remember that stress every time you see your photos and cinema. Perfect in our book is going with the flow especially when a hiccup happens (cause they’re bound to- regardless of your budget) you just keep on dancing. I take special care to learn all of the details about what’s important to you on your wedding day through a 4 step process so that your day goes as smoothly as possible. So take it from me: pick vendors you trust and enjoy the day that you become one with your best friend.

Bengali bride genuinely smiling during her bridal portraits on her wedding.


I’m present to document your day naturally not to interrupt your day.


Camera phone ruining photograph of bride's entrance at her wedding ceremony.

You’re in the middle of crying and laughing at your wedding (cause that’s how much emotions work) and a strand of hair slightly turns out of place. You’d obviously want to be stopped and have your hair completely redone and then fake that moment right? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Your wedding is a day that you two get to enjoy yourselves and come together and we believe in capturing that as it happens – not taking over the wedding and making it a fancy photoshoot. Capturing authentic moments is what we do and when you need a little direction we’ll gently guide you too.



 Timeless Imagery.


“I only want nice wedding pictures and wedding video so I can put it on Instagram and Facebook.” said no person ever.  Sure you’ll share some of the photos and your highlight reel on social media but the real reason people hire a professional wedding photographer and wedding cinematographer they can trust is that these photos and video are meant to last a lifetime.  They’re photos you’re going to hang on the wall of your new place together.  They’re photos you’re going to use to build a timeless flushmount album with.  The last thing you want is trendy photos that become tacky photos in 6 months.


Here’s a film where you can see the vision coming together.


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