Fun, Natural, Timeless


Below you will read about my 3 part experience centered vision when creating wedding photography.




It all starts with fun.


 In my early 20’s I was going through some rough times and jumping from one moment to the next in search of the next source of happiness but found that I was never fulfilled.  That’s when I picked up Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.  The premise of the book is that you have everything in this given moment to give you joy and that you don’t actually have to search for anything.  Everything in this given moment is perfect – it’s when we look to the past that we grieve for no longer having it and when we look to the future we have anxiety of what may come.  However, when we stay in this moment and appreciate every detail of what’s around us that we’re truly at peace.  On a side note, Eckart Tolle is Oprah approved if you need anymore incentive to pick up this book :-).

This idea of being present and appreciating the moment changed my life and I strive to infuse this into my daily life and into my business.  I want you to have the best time of your life every single day and especially on your wedding day. I want you to enjoy your day, focus on your bride or your groom and have fun with your guests.  Any photographer can ask you to smile, but when your smile comes from your soul, there is simply no comparison.  These genuine moments can only be photographed if your photographer has the emotional intelligence and empathy to be aware of your emotional state.  Wedding’s bring you a rollercoaster of emotions and the moment doesn’t slow down when a tear is rolling down your face as your father gives a speech; it speeds up and it’s my job to be aware and capture that for you.  

I am calm under pressure and is focused on understanding you as a person so that you don’t have to worry about directing and can focus spending this special day with your loved ones and enjoying the moment. When you look back at your wedding photos and wedding video, I want you to feel the love and excitement you actually felt that day.  

Bengali bride genuinely smiling during her bridal portraits on her wedding.


I’m present to document your day naturally not to interrupt your day.


Camera phone ruining photograph of bride's entrance at her wedding ceremony.
I’m present to document your day naturally not to interrupt your day. This part of our vision goes hand in hand with you enjoying your self.  My weddings are meant to be wonderful experiences for you to be present through.  Not being interrupted every moment to pause for a photo is crucial to you being present.  When you’re in the middle of your Nikkah or your Saptapadi you wan’t to be able to feel the words and the emotions running through you not be taken away for a snap shot.  My best work happens when you are in motion and present.  When it’s necessary (such as bridal party portraits, bride and groom portraits, or staged family portraits) I will give direction to create beautiful imagery in a way that you feel as comfortable as can be.  My goal is for you to be present and to be able to relive the day through your photographs.

Along this topic there is also the idea of having an unplugged wedding which I believe is the best way to enjoy your wedding.  The idea is that your guests can focus on enjoying the day and being present along side you as opposed to stopping for selfies every couple moments.  Also, Apple has enough advertisements in the world, your wedding doesn’t have to be a part of their marketing plan.  Lastly, if you want to see a very sarcastic parody video about unplugged wedding’s click here.


 Timeless Imagery.


Remember when color selective images were all the rage? Where everything was black and white except for a bright red rose?  That was the trend several years ago, some people may even like it today and 20 years from now it’ll be out of style like 80’s hair.  Your wedding isn’t going to be around for only 24 hours like a Snapchat or a Instagram Story, it’s around for a lifetime. For this reason I deliberately capture images that are timeless and not going to be gone with the trends of today.  I make images that will make your heart sing the day you receive them and 30 years later when you’re showing your album to your kids.  Images where you can appreciate the memorialization of your parents and close family members who may not be around in the future.


Here’s a film where you can see the vision coming together.



On choosing the right photographer

The right photographer doesn’t stress you out and they focus on capturing your day instead of interrupting it.  Your photographer, unlike the majority of your wedding vendors is with you for the entire day.

The two most important things to consider when choosing your photographer are:

  1. Make sure you absolutely love their aesthetic and that you’re aligned with their vision. Your photos will showcase that vision 30 years from now.
  2. Make sure that you feel comfortable with your photographers energy. Your photographer can either take away energy from you or bring you positivity.



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