Fun, Natural
& Timeless

About Akbar

Washington D.C. Indian wedding photographer poses for a photo in studio.

Meet the artist

Akbar Sayed

When I trying to figure my career path I knew a couple things: I didn’t want to sit behind a desk and I wanted to make an impact on people’s lives. While I was at nursing school at University of Maryland Baltimore I discovered another way to care for people other than being at the bedside. I picked up a camera while I was in school and quickly started to notice that I was able to create images that helped people relive moments and something about that was extremely therapeutic. Who knew that a hobby at the time could do that. I’ve come to the realization that as a Registered Nurse I help people forget some of the most difficult times of their lives and as a photographer, I help people remember some of the best moments of their lives.

I’ve now been shooting for 10 years and have learned a great deal about photography, nursing and humanity. My focus are people and their emotions. I feel confident in my ability to create fun, natural and timeless images anywhere I am. Here’s what I bring to every wedding to create my fun, natural and timeless images:

– (2) Canon 5dMkIV’s
– 5dMkIII
– A bunch of lenses
– A bunch of flashes
– Kindness
– Authenticity

Authenticity and kindness create a space of comfort and when you’re comfortable is when the most beautiful moments are captured.

When I’m not working with my camera or working at the bedside I’m likely enjoying family time with my wife and kids, practicing Brazilian-Jiujitsu or on a yoga mat. If you like the idea of having fun on your wedding day and being left with images that let you relive your day over and over again then please get in touch and let’s chat :-).