Washington D.C. Indian wedding photographer poses for a photo in studio.

Meet the artist

Akbar Sayed

How Akbar photographs today is a cumulation of 7 years of working on his craft. His goal is to capture every moment, without disturbing it. His warm heart and friendly demeanor allows him to give direction when necessary, producing natural, timeless images to clients who are at ease and comfortable with his presence.

It all started for Akbar at a young age. His father documented his childhood using film cameras. Growing up, Akbar enjoyed photographing for fun. When he was 16, his father unexpectedly passed away. At this pivotal age, Akbar was left wondering who he is and what he wants to do with his life.Reflecting on his father’s life, he realized that his father was an incredibly giving person. He gave anything he could, his time, his money, his kindness. That was foundation for what Akbar wanted to do with his life.

In college, he dabbled with different majors and as he puts it, he didn’t choose nursing as a major, rather, it chose him. It was a perfect match. Nursing was an ideal way for Akbar to give to others. Once he was in the nursing program, he realized that in order to truly care for other people, he had to first take care of himself first.. He picked up his dad’s camera equipment and started to shoot again and found that photography helped feed his soul and refuel him.

Ultimately, photography became another way for Akbar to can help others in a time of potential stress. Weddings can be stressful, having Akbar at your wedding will help ease your worries. He is emotionally aware and a people person. He pays close attention to people whether or not he has his camera in hand. His attention to light, space, and emotion produces beautiful photos for your wedding day memories.

When he isn’t photographing weddings, Akbar spends his time family, practices yoga or trains Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Akbar is the owner and creative director of Akbar Sayed Photography and Loudoun Life Photo.