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Anam and Josh – Reston Community Center Mehndi

When Anam was waiting outside the hall to make her entrance, you could feel the excitement oozing out of her. Her entrance was awesome, with so many loving aunts and cousins walking her in, she was surrounded by love.

Josh isn’t Pakistani, which made this event even more fun because we noticed that deep, deep down inside, there may a little ounce of Pakistani in him. In South Asian culture, the groom’s shoe gets stolen by the bride’s family, this cultural event or Rasam is known as Jootha Chupai. The groom and his friends have to negotiate a deal to get his shoes back from the bride’s family, and he isn’t allowed to leave without it!

So what makes us think that Josh might have an ounce of Pakistani hidden deep inside? He showed up ready to negotiate with rolls of pennies, dimes and nickel’s. And his negotiation skills? Well you can just look at the pictures and see that he wasn’t gonna go down easy.

Both family’s are very fun loving and very relaxed which made it easier to blend in and be a part of the crowd. This is when we do our best work and you have the most fun!


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