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Kathleen and Ali – Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Wedding

America is THE melting pot!  You’ve seen it before in our photos and here is yet another example of a fusion of cultures.  Ali grew up in a Muslim, Pakistani-American home while Kathleen came from a traditional Catholic family.  They’d been together for over 10 years and knew that they wanted to make sure to bring the values from each culture, religion and faith together on display for their wedding.  You can see the fusion in the mendhi she had on her hands to her traditional white dress.  Or by the fact that after Kathleen presented flowers to Mary, Ali recited verses from the Qur’an about Mary.  They had the Jootha Chupai where the bride’s friends (or family, in this case friends) steal the groom’s shoes and make him pay them for the shoes to be able walk out with his bride.  Molly and Katie weren’t too sure how to go about this so Ali’s own sister, Anum, started bartering against him for Molly and Katie!

The rest of the event was filled with laughter, love and dancing!  Their event was beautiful and elegant from start to finish.  Near the center of it all was the decor which seemed to shift as the day went on and the lighting changed.  It went from a beautiful summer day to a intimate mid-summer night from a fairy tale!  Enough talk… enjoy the photos!


You can view their Mehndi photos here.

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