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Kathleen and Ali – Ten Oaks Ballroom Mehndi

I first met Kathleen six year ago when I was a fledgling nurse at Sinai’s ER-7.  From the moment I met her I knew I was immediately drawn to how she cared for her patients with great empathy.  After a couple months of working with her she brought up “this guy named Ali” she had met at College Park when they were freshmen.  Fast forward 6 years later and they’re married!  As a surprise on their Mehndi, Ali had Testudo the Terrapin make a surprise entrance right before him.  Be sure to pay attention to the other Maryland theme items in the photos! At the end of the night Ali and Kathleen made their getaway in their chauffeur driven Rolls Royce.  Here are some photos from their Mehndi from this past weekend.




You can view their wedding here.

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