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Years Of Experience

From it’s inception 7 years ago, the goal of Akbar Sayed Photography was to ensure that every client receives exceptional customer service and quality products to match.  When you choose to work with the Akbar Sayed Photography team you’re choosing to work with artists whose goal it is to deliver their absolute best every single shoot.  We take on a limited number of weddings to guarantee that your wedding is treated like that of our own family member’s.


As artists we all have a different “eye” and perspective but as a collective we have a unified vision.  There are three keys to our vision that are essential to every single photograph and reel of cinema that we collect.

  • Commitment to fun – Our couple’s must commit to being present and enjoying themselves!  The photos come out better and who doesn’t want to look at photos of happy people!?
  • Natural approach – To put it simply, we’re there to document your day, not to interrupt it.  You’re going to love us, but your love should be focused on your spouse – not us :-).
  • Timelessness – When people choose to hire a professional photographer and cinematographer they’re not hiring someone so they can instagram and snapchat those photos away right then.  When people choose to hire a professional so that 30 years down the road they will have imagery that stands through the test of time and still brings out raw emotion.

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