Meet the artist


Mike’s talent in photography began when he lived in Boston. With a cheap purchase off ebay: a barely functioning film camera he wandered scenic areas of town, taking endless snaps and having batches upon batches of film developed.

When going through his developed pictures, he realized that the very best photos were those that contained those unexpected, candid moments among the people in the frame. It didn’t take long for Mike to decide that he needed to pursue portrait photography, where interacting with others and developing a personal relationship with subjects is an essential part to get a truly authentic image.

Mike strives to make timeless images; modern with an enduring quality. He is committed to helping clients feel at ease with a warm personality and providing genuine and unforgettable imagery.

When Mike is not taking photographs he is likely cooking with his wife, Melissa, or tending to his adorable and misbehaving Shih-Tzu, Cooper.

Mike is a lead shooter for Akbar Sayed Photography.