Our goal is to serve our clients. We want you to be happy and for this reason at every step of our business we ask ourselves “If we were getting married again would we want…”.  One of the things we’ve learned is that when we’re looking at our pictures we don’t often pull up our digital files. We have a printed album and pull it out often. I think we’ve looked at our digital images less than 10 times in the last 5 years.

We have also learned that technology changes… quickly. For example, Apple has stopped offering computers with CD/DVD drives completely.  So ultimately every person will have to go back and constantly transfer their images over to the latest piece of technology.  Compare that to your parent’s wedding album.  It’s still your parent’s wedding album… it’s not a floppy disk from 25 years ago that requires the old Acer computer.

We haven’t even mentioned the difference between holding a physical, tangible item yet and the debate on albums versus digital files is already heavily in favor of the album.  Now put that together with the fact that we exclusively use the premier wedding album company, Queensberry and it’s a done deal.

Every wedding photography collection includes a hand made 10×10 Flushmount Queensberry album.

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