Meet the artist


Adam is a born cinephile, and photo/video hobbyist, with a soft spot for a good love story. He was only 8 years old when he shot his first roll of film on his mom’s 8mm Kodak home-movie camera. Disappointed that the developed film didn’t look at clean and captivating as the movies he loved to watch Adam began to study the art of cinematography and film-production.

Adam complimented his love of film-production with his formal training at The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts. There he honed his skills as a cinematographer and polished his craft in the edit suite. He decided, with the invaluable encouragement of his wife, to make a profession out of his passion.

This passion, and his fondness for the love-narrative, blossomed into his work as a wedding cinematographer, essentially telling the couple’s nuptial stories through the visual medium.

When he’s not studying cinematography, playing with camera equipment, or editing a project, he’s raising three beautiful children, reading some classic philosophical tome, or enjoying a fine cup of coffee.

Adam is the video production manager for Akbar Sayed Photography.